Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Sitting in the passenger seat this afternoon, I listened as Hubby answered his phone.

"Hi, Bonnie. How're you doing?" He was quiet for a long time. Knowing she had been in ill health, this was worrisome. But then, his eyes started bugging out, and his mouth dropped. I noticed that he had goose bumps from head to toe, seriously. His summer attire is tank top and shorts. I saw it all. Could it be?

We've been in relax bored mode recently, after our clients' monthly commercials had been created and placed. Just this morning, we found ourselves pacing this box-on-wheels, wondering what to do. Yes, another trip to the grocery, three days in a row. Ho, hum. Not my favorite by any means, but it took us all out of the motorhome, and was a nice outing for Shasta.

"Oh, my God. Really? Wait, let me hand Lisa the phone, tell her."

Long story, short, we've been waiting five months to hear back from a publisher about Hubby's book, KICKIN' OUT THE JAMS. Yes, it will be published. They love it. We love it. Knowing this, we'll be very busy in the next few months. More details to come. Thank you, Ms. Bonnie. You are amazing. And, I'm so proud of him.


  1. Love you, Miss Lisa. You are a big part of of this project, kind of a co-mid-wife. I'm so proud of the book, of Sean/Ron, of you and all of your hard work. It is a winner, a book that needs to be published. And now it will be. The editor loves it. Woo hoo. P.S. I still have the muffin you brought over in December in my freezer. I kept if for good luck.

  2. Great news. I hope all goes well. Problem with a box-on-wheels is that there's limited pacing room!

  3. Bonnie, I can't believe you saved that thing, but, as it turns out, thank you!

  4. GB, ain't that the truth? Shasta has been getting an extraordinary amount of walks. Ha!
    So many funny situations in this box. It's a learning experience, all the time. :)