Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The New Baby

How fun is this???  Remember, we have an advertising business that requires that we stay on top of the latest technology.  We also pay for our clients' media bills with our credit card; thus, wracking (sp) up lots of "points" from those purchases.  Our points paid for most of the cost of this camera!  Yeah!

Boy, do we ever have some reading to do!  You know...RTFM?  Neither of us are very good about that, but because this is so new, we'll be doing exactly that!

No news about Willy.  :(  We've left two messages for the trainer, and nothing.  Has she run off with our dog???


  1. WOW...I am admiring your new camera {very much} - yay for you two. AND, NAY on not hearing from the trainer. I wouldn't be liking that very much :(

  2. Camera is gorgeous! I hope you've heard something by now!

  3. I think I have just turned green :)

  4. People keep making me want (as opposed to need) a full SLR. My son Gaz (Synflame) is a Canon EOS 7D user too. My problem is that the weight of a full SLR and all the lenses do not lend themselves to my traveling lifestyle (6kg max in the cabin and insurance problems in the hold!). But I can dream and try and keep the second and fourth of the seven deadly sins at bay.