Monday, November 15, 2010


We keep talking about making plans.  "We should sit down and make some plans."  "We need a plan."  How can we leave without a plan? 

Fall is really the best time of year on the central coast of Californina.  No fog, fairly warm weather, and no stopped traffic trying to get down to the beach.  We've really enjoyed being here, being able to see family & friends often, and taking the time to have things settle down in our lives. 

Having said that, we've also been trying to come up with a plan to start our journey.  This weekend we've allowed those plans to gel.  We'll be leaving Santa Cruz earlier than originally thought.  We'll be here for Thanksgiving with family (I'm so very thankful for my family), then going "over the hill" to Morgan Hill Thousand Trails for a couple of weeks.  I love that park!  That's the one with all of the wild turkeys!  Still an opportunity to meet family over there in more of a camping environment.  We all met there two years ago and had a blast!

December will also find us in Fresno for a few days to see friends and talk about Hubby's book, then off to San Diego for Christmas.  We found what looks to be a great RV park on the coast, Mission Bay Park.  From there we head to Verde Valley Thousand Trails, which I also love, for a month. 

I know we're kind of back tracking, but considering the time of year, we have to go back through that way before we can winter and spring in some new places. 

Anyhoo, I'm feeling hopeful today with our new plan; looking forward, moving on.


  1. It's pretty exciting to travel along with you, here and there; something Ray and I have talked about in previous years, not "plans to" but day-dreaming of. One never knows where the future may lead. Enjoy your travels, my girl-friend ♥