Saturday, November 6, 2010

Must be the Weather

This is the top of my new slouchy hat.  Yeah, we'll see how slouchy, and how much of a hat it turns out to be.  LOL! 
I've had the incredible urge to get my hands on yarn these days.  Kind of like that nesting urge to make soup when the weather finds a nip of coolness in the air.  It's been years since I've really knitted or crocheted anything, but I've become rather obsessed of late.  On a quest for yarn in a city that evidently is not so into yarn is a challenge.  I found one place in Santa Cruz, a dedicated yarn shop, but when I walked in, the place was hot and there were a bunch of women eating food and trying to talk to me with their mouths full.  I'm sorry.  I have to go now.  :)  Perhaps I'll try that shop another day, when it's not lunchtime.
Yesterday we drove "over the hill" to Los Gatos to a shop called Yarndogs.  So cute.  I wish I had taken pictures of it.  At the front door there's a welcome mat with two dogs on it and a water bowl.  And yes, inside was a customer with a dog.  Obviously, that was okay with me (unlike the food fest). 
Oh my!  What a shop!  What a glorious cloud of yarn!  I probably looked at, and felt, every twisted loop in there.  I browsed through pattern books and pictured myself tucked away in the house on wheels, totally consumed in my sweater making.  And then...YIKES!  $21 a skein!  $14 a skein! I just don't remember yarn being that expensive.   Let's do the math here...hmmmm...say it takes 15 skeins of yarn for a sweater, at $15 a skein...uh, yeah.  Could be a fairly expensive sweater, right?  And for someone that only knows the basics of knitting and crocheting, it could prove to be quite a challenge in many respects. 
So I settled, for the time being, for a couple of small balls of yarn and happily consumed my evening making knots with my little hook.


  1. I know!! I am currently knitting a 30 dollar scarf!

  2. It's how much??? If you added in the cost of labour that would make a VERY expensive sweater. Or am I very much out of touch with prices in the US nowadays?

  3. GB, it used to be cheaper to make clothing, but not anymore. You're not out of touch. With Walmart and places like that, you can find things pretty reasonably.
    I guess if a person makes something, it has to be because you love to do it, whether it be sewing, knitting, etc. and not to save money.
    But I'd better REALLY LOVE that sweater! LOL!