Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lexi's Painting

This painting was so fun for me. It hit every creative hot button, from my graph paper and colored pencils, to trying different designs, to the fear of actually starting, to the light bulb moment of discovering what it needed.

I'll probably add a few more leaves, but I wanted to keep it simple. Oh, if I only knew how to paint a little bird! I'd perch him on top of the X! Can't you just picture that! Then maybe one more flying towards the x, under the L. Maybe someday.

But for now,


  1. I LOVE this!!! I think from your description this is mixed media art and you have a real talent for it. I'm taking an online course on doing a collage starting Friday and I'm really looking forward to it ~ and funny enough I thought I would start with a little bird :)

    1. I cannot wait to see your little bird! Hope you post pics!

  2. Oh this is so pretty. Great job. You know, you could always decoupage a cute little bird clipping onto the piece...for a bit of collage inspiration. But I think it's perfect as it is. Love the colour combinations. Pink and green, so feminine. I would like to invite you over to visit with me on my blog. I'm hosting a giveaway (PINK) and it closes tonight. Enter if you like what you see.

    ciao bella
    your newest follower #30
    Creative Carmelina

    1. Carmelina, that is a fabulous idea! It really could use that little something extra. Okay, I'm on the hunt for my bird!
      Thank you! :)