Friday, January 11, 2013

Daughter Gets Her Present!

WooHoo! Finally finished, albeit after Christmas. Better late than never, right Shannon? 

First time using a chart, and that was a wee bit confusing for me, but as usual I learned so much. And guess what? I love charts! Its just seems so much easier to follow where I am on the many repeats of the pattern.  This is far from perfect, but wrapped around her neck, nobody will notice. If I decide to make another for myself, I'll know better.
This was before being blocked (washed, stretched and opened the lacework).
This is after blocking. I swear it's like wrapping yourself in a warm cloud! 

The pattern is #151 Samantha Featherweight Lace Shawl on ravelry.  The yarn is Elann Silken Kydd which is a laceweight yarn, 70% mohair, 30% silk. Yummy. It's pretty slippery yarn and I was always scared that I would drop stitches because of it. After a while, I learned how to hold the needles in a way that wouldn't let that happen. 

BTW, I did change my browser to be able to post pictures. I don't know, maybe I just needed updating, or perhaps it's the fact that I use Picassa to process photos. I don't know enough about technology to answer that.

My header doesn't fit anymore, but I'll get around to that. :)


  1. This came out so beautifully ~ a treasure for your daughter always to be wrapped in your love.

  2. Wow! its beautiful!
    What a special gift.

  3. This is beautiful! So glad you can post photos again!

  4. the shawl is beautiful and looks so soft and comfy. so nice for wrapping up on a cool night.

  5. I'm awestruck by your ability to produce the shawl.

    A lot of people are having problems with picture posting at the moment. I've not been able to see your full header since you started using that photo many moons ago (whichever browser I use).

    1. GB, I'm tempted to start all over with a new template even. Might be fun to make a change. We'll see how much energy I have for that.

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