Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moving in to Colorado

After a one-night rest stop in New Mexico, we took off for Colorado.
Coming down off of Raton Pass, you can see the Rocky Mountains in the backround.
Driving along, you never know what you're going to see.
Unfortunately, so many times when I try to take a picture while driving along at 65 mph, I often get power poles or road signs in the pics. Pssht!
Pike's Peak in the backround. We found out several years ago that no matter how warm it is in Colorado Springs proper, it is COLD & WINDY on top of that mountain!
This view is from our campground, not our campsite, but isn't it gorgeous? A different view of Pike's Peak.


  1. OK, I'm confused - what's the difference between a campground and a campsite? Is the former the area for all the campers and campsite the place where your van is parked? In the UK we call the area for all the campers both campground and campsite.

  2. You're right, SS. The campsite is where we're parked. Our "view" at that campsite, was about 10 other RVs. But a short walk away, was that view.

  3. Thanks - you obviously have a better way of expressing it in the US. Campsite in the UK would simply be called 'where we're parked' or, if in a tent, 'where we're camped' which is much less explicit.

  4. I just love the mountains. I once had a desire to do the Trans Canadian Train which would have gone right through/over the Rockies but that's a thing of the past for the most part now. Shame.

  5. I would still love to do the train across Canada. And Alaska. Those are my big dreams. Not sure they will ever happen...but maybe. :)

  6. Love the photos! Thanks so much for sharing your travels with us. I love traveling vicariously through these posts. Lovely view from Pike's Peak!