Thursday, May 17, 2012

Medina Lake 2012

This was Medina Lake, Texas in March of 2011.
Between a very bad drought year, and the city taking the water, this is what the lake looks like in 2012.  Thinking that we'd get some fishing in, and that we'd have trouble getting a good campsite due to all of the campers, boy, were we surprised. Cows where the lake used to be. Almost nobody there. It's still a beautiful park, even without the water. We had a gorgeous site that we just loved.
There's just something about this place that draws me in. So many of the trees are dripping with moss, and others are a tangle of branches that the deer wind their way through. It makes me want to write a story. So many possibilities. Could be a mystery, or a thriller, or just someone coming to terms with himself through the enchantment of the woods. We'll see. :)

One morning, the rains came, and kept coming, and kept coming. Big thunderstorms.
This is when we started getting worried. April and May are not good months to hang out in Texas, but because of some work commitments, there we sat in some pretty severe storms.
Another storm, later that same night, left dents in the hood of our truck from golfball-sized hail. Was a wild night. The next day, the forcast was calling for 4 inches of rain, so we packed up in a hurry and got on up the road.


  1. Gosh, dents in the hood from the hail - scary stuff. sn ironic sitting next to a lake that wasn't a lake.

    So many of our reservoirs are drying up that we have a hosepipe ban and there is talk that some areas of England may be getting their water from stand-pipes in the street by the end of summer.

  2. What a contrast! The weather everywhere seems a little odd this last year. NZ has had unusual weather too. Scotland's not in danger of a drought though. I think we should be exporting water to England!

  3. The second picture almost gives me the impression of an African savannah... Hard to believe it's the same place!

  4. Very pretty lake. Love the first shot! :)