Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Amarillo, TX

Located in the Texas panhandle. It rained buckets for the few days we were there. In fact, that's why we stayed, so we wouldn't have to travel in bad weather.
We passed through Amarillo last year as well, and the wind just howled.
And just in case anyone was wondering where to find happiness...
It's in Texas!
As we travel around, we're amazed at how much open land there is.
This was Texas Highway 208. Well, I guess it still is. On a Sunday morning, with no traffic, it was perfect.
These are Pronghorn Antelope. Remember the song, Home on the Range? Well, these antelope are not playing with deer. We haven't seen any deer. However, they seem to like to hang out with cattle. Not intermingling with them, but they must have figured out that if there are cows, there will be water.


  1. Great Pics!
    I am so glad that I know where Happy is too:)

  2. Nice pictues, love Happy...Paradise is somewhere in California...or so I've heard

  3. Love that shot of the road that seems to go on forever.

  4. Wide open spaces indeed. I think that landscape might make me feel a little... lost. But of course it might be worth it if the road leads to Happy... ;)

  5. Nodding Donkeys are still nodding away I see. That Highway certainly looks long and straight and keeping to the limit must take quite an effort.

  6. Dawn, actually, the wide open spaces fills me up somehow. I just love it.

  7. GB, ordinarily I would agree that a long, straight road would make for a heavy foot, but in the building on wheels, we almost never go faster than 65. It's just way too scary!