Monday, September 27, 2010

Indian Summer

This week or two on the Monterey Bay, Indian summer, is really the best time of year here.  We planned our being here so that we could be in this fogless, warm, glorious time.  What I forgot is that we would be in a motorhome, in a 30 amp park, that translates in to only being able to use one air conditioner.  It's hot man!  :)

Last week we were down on the harbor eating lunch at Aldo's, a seafood restaurant that allows dogs if you eat outside.  The dogs loved watching the seagulls rush towards the tidbits I secretly dropped over the edge of the platform.  While sitting there, we saw the Chardonnay II pull out of the harbor, loaded with school kids.
The Chardonnay is the boat we sailed on when Hubby proposed, or didn't propose. Ha!
Anyhoo, Saturday morning his daughter treated us to a morning sail. The weather was warm, the water calm, and just enough of a breeze that we could sail for a bit.
There was also a student from UCSC on board that was a senior, majoring in marine biology, so we learned lots of things about the sealife in the bay, the differences between dolphins & porpoises, how you can tell if you're looking at a sea lion or a harbor seal, and how the seaweed in the kelp forests grow 18" every day!
There are usually only males in this area, as the females stay farther south in the Channel Islands where they give birth every year.
We saw otters,
and lots of other wild life.

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  1. That is a post which makes me feel really, erm, warm and comfortable in an emotional rather than physical way. Not too sure why.

    Loved the pelican photo in particular.

    I have a friend from the Island on holiday in CA at the moment - just had a call saying he and his ladyfriend were staying where he and I had stayed in 2003 when we were there. He said the temp was over 100 deg at times! At the end of September!!