Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flag is Up Farms

This was a beautiful little find yesterday for us. When you drive along Hwy 246, between Buellton & Solvang, you pass acres of horse pastures. So green, with horses meandering, nibbling their way back and forth from shade to sun.
This is the long driveway that you enter after automatic gates have opened off the highway. Would love to have gotten this shot early in the morning with the fog just breaking.
These are beautiful grounds, open to the public, owned by Monty & Pat Roberts. If you are a horse person at all, you've probably heard about, or read some of Monty Roberts' books, about the special way he has of training horses.
This farm has huge paddocks, giant barn, a racetrack, and LOTS of horses.
Off to see some ostriches this morning. Have a wonderful day!


  1. That looks really peaceful and calm and just the sort of place to chill out and recover one's composure and re-charge the mental batteries.

  2. Shabbygirl...what a beautiful setting! I love the road. It sounds like things are better for you...I am glad.