Friday, December 28, 2012

Duck, Duck, Goose!

As I was sitting outside in the sun eating my wonderful Honeycrisp apple, one by one the ducks, the coots, and the geese started making their way off the canal up to the area by the motorhome. I had nothing at that point to feed them, so they just sort of sat down with me and enjoyed the sun.

I thought about what a gift this moment was for me. All these guys just hanging out with me, a Black-Crowned Heron across the canal, a Great Blue Heron to the right of me fishing, and a Snowy Egret on the shore in front of me. What a blessing.

I did eventually grab some duck food (chicken scratch) and feed these bottomless pits. They know I'm a soft touch, and wait by my door off and on during the day. Next time I feed them I think I'll wait until the Canada Geese are not around. They are pretty rough with the ducks and coots, biting them so they'll move. I know it's their nature, but it's just not allowed in my camp. :)

Earlier in the day I was outside working on something, and heard a "thwarp" whiz by my head. It was so fast that I almost didn't catch a glimpse of it. It sped past me two or three more times making that noise, but I could never really see what it was. I'm thinking maybe a hummer, although I've never heard one make that kind of noise.

How many gifts are all around us everyday, if only we are quiet enough to notice them!

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