Friday, August 10, 2012

Jumping Around Washington State

Finished up Lexi's sweater today. Too big for her now, but I'm thinkin' by spring it'll be just right. Super easy top-down pattern from Ravelry, and the best part? No seams to sew! Yea!

We've been working our way west through Washington state lately. In Cheney, we stopped to get the oil changed in the building on wheels. It's a 2-3 hour thing where we're kind of kicked out of our house.
Oh yeah, and after my hair blowing into my eyes continually all spring and summer, off it came. Go ahead wind, blow, see if I care. Of course I'll grow it back out eventually, like I do, but I'm sure enjoying it now.
We stayed under the trees in Spokane. The cool thing about this place was every morning several swallowtail butterflies would flutterby in front of the mh window for hours admiring themselves. Sometimes they would land on the side mirrors wondering how to get to that other good looking butterfly.

The next stop we made was at Moses Lake, located in the middle of the state. I know I took pictures there, but I sure can't find them. The lake is lovely, and very green, but once you get away from the lake, it's like a desert. Covered with sage brush and many acres of agriculture. I wouldn't care to live there personally. Get me back to the trees.
Cascade mountains in the backround, we were pulling in to Cle Elum. I believe that there is some pretty great skiing up here. Cle Elum also has one of the best meat markets ever! Owen's meats. The hand pick every piece of meat. When entering the store, we were offered several samples of cheese, pepperoni, and jerky. Yes, thank you very much. The smoked pork chops were to die for and the filet, well, perfect.
Oh, yes we did, we saw this helicopter being hauled on our way. I'm telling you, we never know what we're going to see on the highway.
Love coming around a corner to something so beautiful.
The wildflowers are still blooming in Washington.
And in Mt. Vernon, which is getting on up to the northwestern part of the state, we stayed in a fabulous Thousand Trails. It was thick with trees and these...
They always make me happy. Shasta too. :)