Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26th

October 26th.  My mother's birthday.  My brother's birthday.  My son's birthday.  Yes three generations.  Why would I not think that one of the two grandbabies due right now would not be born on this day? 
6:45 this morning I got a text from my daughter.  She's been having contractions since 10 pm last night.  After a very long, drawn out day of checking flights & doctor appointments, it probably will not happen today.  Ha!
I imagine my mother, elbowing Him; having a wonderful chuckle with God.  "We really got 'em, didn't we?"  L.O.L.  Makes me smile.  Really Big!
Love you Mom.  Happy Birthday!


  1. Four generations on the same day would have been quite something. Good to see a post again!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, You all!!!
    Hope it was awesome!

  3. Sounds like October birthdays in our family!

    I know you've got to be enjoying the cuddling by now. ;^)