Monday, September 12, 2011

My Favorite Place So Far

Definitely, Birch Bay, WA. 
Granted, the weather has been perfect; 80*, sunny, and I'm sure if this was the middle of winter, my opinion would be quite different.
One of the special things about this bay is the tides. The tide comes in and goes out twice every day.
Low tide goes out about a half mile, leaving tidepools amongst the grassy sand. The tidepools hold tiny fishes and some kind of larger creature that streaks across the pool & buries itself in the mud. I also found this guy that got left behind.
The other things that get left behind by low tide are these:
I've also been enchanted by all of the Canada geese. While Hubby & Shasta went for their power walk, I mosied out to the edge of the water and just listened to them squawk among themselves while they ate. It filled me up! The seagulls would dig up shellfish then fly in to the rocky area of the shorline, drop the shells to break them, then sweep in to eat! Clever, eh?
Clamming, digging for muscles and oysters is allowed on this bay as long as you have a license. The oysters, however, must be shucked on the beach, leaving the shells there since the babies are attached to the shell.
The Thousand Trails park in Birch Bay is well run, and the spaces are wide. When we arrived, the place was packed, mostly by RVs from British Columbia. As the days rolled by, and people moved on ahead of the weather, we felt like we almost had the place tou ourselves.
I've been excited about the idea of being so far north (again, weather has played a huge part),so close to Canada. Maybe next year we can make it in to Canada, just won't be on the west coast.


  1. So pretty!
    I can see how it is your fav so far!

  2. Wow...what gorgeous views!! I have no clue as to what that strange glob is {???}

  3. I can well see why this was your favourite place so far. I'm looking forward to seeing your next favourite place and learning ever more about 'your' area of this huge, and at the same time small, world we share.