Thursday, April 18, 2013


We're in Menifee, CA right now. Yes, we were here around Christmas time and enjoyed our stay very much. Enough to come back (never mind that it's an hour and a half from Brycie). This is like a fantasy land. Like a Disney movie. Mostly because of all the ducks, geese, herons, and other birds flying around all the time. Here's a few pics from our stay this time.

Mama Canada goose nesting.
What a perfect spot to sit on eggs, in the middle of the water canal. Looks comfy, right? Papa goose is trolling around keeping guard. I was feeding some other fowl by the motorhome a couple of days ago and wondered why the two geese in front of me were hightailing it away from me. When I turned around, I saw Pops swooping down on those two with his beak open, ready to bite. Unnerved me too.

I posted on facebook the other day the photo of the Night Heron. I just love these guys!
I had mentioned then that anytime you feed any bird outside, these birds will come runnin'. I ended up with 10 of them around me. They are NOT afraid AT ALL. Last evening we had one just sitting next to our chairs, and actually was so comfortable that he fell asleep.

Here's another photo. The brown one in the background is a juvenile. They are also unafraid.

Today is the first day since we've been here that the weather has been almost perfect. Close to 80*. Love it!


  1. What - no snakes today. How boring! Seriosuly, I love those Night Herons. It must be great to have them so close.

  2. With a beak like that I wouldn't be afraid of much either! Would they tackle a baby rattler I wonder? I once saw a heron (UK Grey Heron) catch a large rat, take it into a lake and drown it and then swallow it.

  3. nice shots! what a cool place with all the birds around.

  4. How wonderful to have so many around like that!